Rules and regulations

All participants are obliged to read rules and regulations on race participation without any exceptions, as well, to read all information about race that can be found at official web site of the race organizer.


1. Participants have to be legal adults (18+ years of age)
2. Participants younger than 18, can register for race with consent of legal guardian, who will be fully responsible for its participation.
3. Adults/legal guardians responsible for minor contestants have to sign the document of consent for participants given from the organizer.
4. All participants must claim they will run on their own responsibility. As well they will claim that have been introduced with general rules to follow for their own safety and safety of other participants.
5. Registering for the race, all contestants are waiving rights of transferable responsibilities on to organizer or any third parties.
6. Organizer is not responsible for any potential damages of the running equipment nor is responsible for lost/stolen personal belongings during the race period.
7. All participants registered to run must be covered by personal medical insurance.


1. Participants of Paklenica Trail International and Dugi otok Trail can choose to participate in 2 or 3 categories: light (10-17 km), medium (20-30 km) or challenging (30 -60 km) in both men and women categories.
2. In Vertical Absolute Paklenica participants are running in men and women categories only.


1. Because of naturally demanding terrain (Velebit relief) GPS device can sometimes shorten or extend routes and altitudes, so you can expect to read false traces. Organizer is measuring the trail by 3 different devices (Garmin x2, Suunto x1). False traces will be checked in details by program we use to give us the most exact values. From 2016, GPS devices have a wider scale of accuracy in mileage and altitude changes that is why we take the average value of several measured traces. GPS devices are allowed to use only if not taken during orientation running competition.


1. Contestants can sign up and register to the race via web site of the race or it can be registered thru web site of the organizer:
2. Due dates or time limits for registrations are defined on our web site. Registration of contestant is considered valid only when these facts are met; contestant is registered and has fully paid for registration by the due date that has been given by organizer.
3. Registration and payments will not be receivable after deadlines, as well as registrations and payments on the start day of the race.
4. Registration act: choose the right category on our web, choose registration and fees, then register. File for info asked.
5. Next step is to pay for your registration onto a bank account of the organizer. Registration fee can be paid account transferable via net banking services or via PayPal. When describing the reason of payments it is necessary to write down your first and last name and category name to be easier to process the registration. Paying model should be HR00 or HR02, with given date of payables.
6. Organizer will officially register a contestant 24-48h after the system transfers info on account receivables, REGISTERED status can be seen on the web page:
7. If a contestant pays for the registration but does not sign up for the category, registration is considered INVALID! Organizer has no potential abilities to know the contact info without valid registration process has been done. In this case contact will not be processed at all.
8. If contestant signs up for a race but does not pay for registration by deadlines, registration is also considered INVALID!
9. In case the race is cancelled due to objective circumstances, race switches to the next day. In case the race can’t be held even the next day, competitor can not get a refund of the registration fee, but can get race package. Also entry fee can not be waived to next year.
10. If contestant signs up and pays for registration fee, then gives up from running prior the race, organizer refunds 30% of fee exclusively by given due dates set by organizer. After deadline have been passed, organizer will not refund registration fees paid.


1. Trail info and profile is provided for all contestants on our web pages. All contestants are obliged to read thru all of the documentation provided and are not obliged to take them to a race.
2. All contestant are obliged to have necessary equipment/ extra equipment during entire period of running. All those who will not be prepared and will not bring necessary equipment to the start will be penalized and will not be able to run,without exception on valid registration and fees paid. Our safety and safety of our contestants is priority!
3. Depending on race, category and type of terrain we divided necessary equipment on basic and extra necessary equipment. On our official web site (under NECESSARY EQUIPMENT) can be found type of equipment and what to bring.


• VISIBLE START NUMBER. Competitors are obliged to wear start number in a visible position (front chest or leg). Competitors who are not wearing start number in a visible position will automatically be excluded from the competition, or will be disqualified if they are caught on track. The start number contains a VOUCHER for the meal, and the meal after the race can be obtained only with a meal voucher. One voucher is valid for one meal.

• MOBILE PHONE (bring those devices and phone numbers you’ve signed up with into a registration form)
• Race card (organizer will give a race card to each contestant inside start package- cards will have highlighted emergency numbers to call in case of emergency or in case of giving up or these information will be provided on start number.) All those contestants who do not obey the organizer’s rules and do not inform him about giving up or signing up at the finish line desk, will be permanently expelled from any potential race registration within our organization.
a) Basic kit includes: plaster x 2, sterile gaze x 2, elastic bandage x 1.
b) Extra First Aid kit for the races on rougher terrains includes additional triangular bandana, antiseptic and elastic bandages for ankles. If you wish, you can equip with extra painkillers and pills.
• Choice of CLOTHING AND RUNNING SHOES have to be appropriate for terrain and weather conditions.
• WATER BOTTLE (MIN. 0,5L) WITH WATER. Due to the removal of disposable plastic cups on the refreshment points, please use your own bottle to refill the fluid.



1. Organizer has rights to check upon necessary equipment of any contestant at any time, but necessarily prior the race start. All those contestants who will not have basic necessary equipment by them, will be penalize and expelled from the race no matter of valid registration and fees payed.


1. Runner poses right to stop from competing or giving up from race at any time.
2. All runners who give up from racing during the race are OBLIGED to inform organizer (read the contact number in RACE CARD or on start number) on its act. If the contestant do not inform organizer, it will be disqualified from further competition and any other race registration within Mountain Traveller Croatia organization.
3. In case of giving up due to an injury, contestant is first obliged to call for organizer, who then informs Croatian Mountain rescue Service and organize for help. Please have in mind not to call for family members or friends prior you have been contacting organizer on your injury. Your safety is our priority, we have to be prompt and organize help for you on time. Family members and friends can be contacted later.


1. Contestants should have these valid documents or their copies:
a) Personal ID card
b) Medical insurance card
2. Organizer is not obliged to check upon contestant’s valid documents. These documents are of your interest to have them near in case of emergency.


1. Time starts elapsing once sign to start is given and time will be STOPED by passing the finish line.
2. Official time measuring is provided by company Stotinka Timing.
3. Time limits to arrive at control points and finish line is given by written instructions.
4. Arrival to control point and finish after limited time will be filed as disqualification.


1. Ignoring, not obeying rules given by organizer
2. Non visible start numbers and non-possession of necessary equipment
3. Ignoring written race instructions
4. No ethical behavior that violets and questions reputation of contest, which violets private equity of organizer or other contestants. All inappropriate behavior towards organizer.
5. Inability to proceed running because of any reasons.
6. Using forbidden paths, forbidden gear and forbidden help on a side.
7. Using any kinds of motor vehicles.
8. Arriving at control point and finish after given limits.
9. In case of intentional changing of certain parts of trail that have been marked by race organizer for safety of all runners.
10. Organizer is the only legal body who has right to decide on total time, number of contestants, disqualification or adding penalties rules.


1. Organizer has right to change schedule of control points during race, also to change the time and length of race if objective facts prove it (weather changes etc.) and if safety of contestants is at question.


1. Contestants are not allowed to start a fire, pollute the environment and destroy flora and fauna.
2. Contestants are not allowed to throw trash around, but are obliged to pick up and take their own trash with them.
3. It is forbidden to throw trash on any part of trail in-between start and finish line.
4. For any disrespection of organizer’s rules contestant will be disqualified.


1. For your own safety, all contestants are obliged to have all necessary equipment given by the category you’ve signed up for. Contestants are obliged to read thru all race info that given on official web site of the race organizer.
2. Contestants have to respect the rules of this race as well as and additional given rules by the organizer.
3. In case of injury, contestant should call for help by phone. In case that is phone call is not possible due to service failure, contestant will use whistle or mirror to call help.
4. In case contestant is suffering from greater trauma and injury, other contestants are obliged to stop and help.
5. Organizer is not guaranteeing fast and prompt saving due to very rough and rocky terrain or weather conditions that might cause difficulties.
6. Organizer has full right to cancel race if its assessment of safety of other contestant is at high risk.
7. Examples of calling for help: slashing lights (blinking), whistling, shouting and jelling (6x per minute/every 10 seconds). Answering 3x per minute/every 20 seconds. After 1 minute of pausing injured person confirms it by 1 long signal.


1. All complaints have to be given to the race organizer in written form no longer than 24 hours after the race finished.
2. The organizer is obliged to answer to your complaint no longer than 2 days after complaint has been received.


1. When registering for event, you are consent with entire photo and film making material to be announced publically in media, and used for promo purposes.
2. The organizer hold all rights to use, copy and distribute all videos filmed as well as all photo material.
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