Because of the adverse weather conditions on the ridge of Velebit, which lasted from Sunday, a certain amount of snow has accumulated in some positions on the ridge, and because of the low temperatures and bura,  there is ice on the trail.

The Velebit did not let us in these day and even yesterday bura was blowing with snow in the peak zone.  Parts of the ridge after these conditions are usually not a problem because the snow melts after day or two, but there are still shades that can be frozen.

Due to the competitors safety, course RED 47  will be transferred to  GREEN 26km course  (the price difference for entry fees will be returned to all competitors of the RED category). Those who do not want to run the GREEN category are kindly requested to contact the organizer’s mail.

The GREEN trail leads through the canyon of Mala Paklenica, where there is currently still some water in the upper stream. Usually it dries in a  day or two, but to be on the safe side, we have prepared an alternative route which is parallel to the canyon.

If the water withdraws, there will still be several “plashs”, so prepare yourself to cross the stream at certain locations.

Forecast for Saturday’s is good and we hope it will stay that way.


Sport regards,


MTC Team